ADB SAFEGATE completes acquisition of Ultra Airport Systems to create total airport management capability

Brussels, Belgium 
February 4, 2019

Inking of deal sharpens ADB SAFEGATE’s focus on data analytics and total airport management to help airports meet relentessly rising demand for air travel

ADB SAFEGATE has completed its acquisition of Ultra Airport Systems (AS), the global provider of airport IT systems and data analytics solutions. The deal combines the two companies‘ expertise and solutions to create the foundation of a Total Airport Management (TAM) solution provider.

The acquisition will help ADB SAFEGATE to further apply integration and automation technologies, advanced data analytics and deep airport operations expertise to offer TAM. Airports and airlines will gain greater operational efficiency, sustainability and safety by integrating systems across the entire airport, airside and landside.

Operating under the name ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems, the former Ultra Airport Systems team will gain the support of ADB SAFEGATE aviation specialist resources to help it better serve its existing airport and airline customers and accelerate its growth. The new business unit will also expand its portfolio of operational performance, flight information display, billing, baggage management and situational awareness solutions by adopting and helping to further develop ADB SAFEGATE’s software and advanced analytics products and services.

Advanced analytics provides airports with increasingly powerful ways to optimise operational efficiency and improve their traffic handling capacity. From today’s real-time insights to improve situational awareness, to future prescriptive analytics that will support decision making by predicting issues and intelligently recommending corrective actions, advanced analytics has huge potential for airports and airlines.

Christian Onselaere, CEO of ADB SAFEGATE says, “As airports everywhere strive to meet growing demand, our newly combined solutions, expertise and reach will help airports and airlines adopt emerging digital technologies. These offer the most cost-effective way to increase operational efficiency, improve safety and enhance sustainability. Through smart integration, ADB SAFEGATE is enabling airports and airlines to achieve the highest operational efficiency and deliver the best possible passenger experience. The creation of ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems is accelerating this transformation.“

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems offices in the UK, France, South Africa, USA and China, join ADB SAFEGATE’s other 35+ offices around the world.

Sebastien JODEAU, Managing Director of ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems says, “This is exciting news for me and all our Airport Systems’ colleagues who have been contributing to improve our industry for so many years. As part of ADB SAFEGATE, not only will we continue to bring our expertise to airports worldwide so they can continue to improve their operations, but our combined capabilities will create a unique opportunity to further enhance their business performance.”

About ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems:

ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems, formerly Ultra Airport Systems, is a global provider of airport software solutions. Our comprehensive suite of offerings meets the key business drivers of both airports and airlines; each has the capability and proven track record to underpin operational improvement initiatives and vision for future progression. Our systems are in use with more than 100 airlines and at more than 150 airports worldwide and are consistently selected by the world’s best airports to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

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